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The old village of Juriz

The old village of Juriz is located about 1300 meters southwest of Pitões das Júnias and according to archaeologists may be the medieval village of Sancti Vicencii de Gerez, designated in 1528 Afonsinas consultations.

From the village remains little more than some walls and traces of streets, where existed approximately 40 houses. However, it is involved into a landscape characterized by exuberant vegetation cover which gives the ruins an unusual beauty. At one extreme, it can be found a small hill that the population calls castle, with traces of a plant that could correspond to a small watchtower.

Some popular imagination says that the village was abandoned because of the plague, another says it was because of an infestation of ants. The truth is was abandoned in the fifteenth century, a time of famine, pestilence and war. Would never be occupied and we can accept that it was replaced by the current village of Pitões das Júnias.

Abrigos de Pitões

These "shelters" or mountain lodges where you can enjoy sweeping views between narrow valleys and fearful peaks of the National Park Peneda-Geres, remain in do Coto Street, in the village of Pitões das Júnias, a typical mountain village in the intermediate zone of Geres and Barroso to 1164m altitude.

The shelters have basic amenities of modern life, but are specially prepared for those who enjoy the simple life of the mountain and the nature.

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Abrigos de Pitões
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